Love’s Dilemma


Love’s Dilemma


Can you understand one who tells you they love you 

Then suddenly leaves with no reasons that can do

A thing to make sense of it inside your head

Or your heart or your soul everywhere that she’d said

That I lived within her and she too within me

With such depth of love, trust and bound destiny

How could she break bonds forged between kindred souls

For no better reason than she didn’t know

Was it right to make such a great change to her life

And chase after her dreams that she’d longed for and might

Have the only chance left to her to share and live

With a man who she shared every dream and hope with

But she cuts down her flowers and tramples her seeds

For she feels indebted to others who’s needs

Make her own impossible they do not form part

In the choice she is making, no hopeful new start

Just more years of frustration and bottled up dreams

That shine brightly in their cold glass tombs and it seems

That her sadness will ever be hidden from those

Who through her sense of duty she selflessly chose

To forgo a life that she’s always desired

That she’d earned for herself by her deeds through her life

Did she not feel worthy of happiness too?

For the good things she’s done surely reward is due?

A life given up to save others from pain

Now her work is done she shouldn’t remain

Where her wings cannot spread and her colours can’t show

Where her soul cannot fly and her heart cannot grow

This beautiful delicate creature must breathe

In the essence of life, not sit soulful and grieve

For the things her heart yearns but now it beats slowly

As she shares her life feeling empty and lonely

Though she is in company it cannot fill

The void in her heart left when she took the pill

That was bitter in taste and pained her inside

As it cured her of dreaming of catching the tide

And finding the love and the life that she’d seen

That was there to be lived with a man who was keen

To rescue her sad heart and fill it with joy

A happier life with this man and his boy

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2008)


2 responses

  1. **Lost In Thought**

    sighs…….you have found the writer within you.

    March 28, 2008 at 11:09 am

  2. Gone

    I’ve just read 4 poems and my lunch hour is over! You’re not a happy bunny at the moment are you?

    March 31, 2008 at 4:33 am

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