The Man and the Muse


The Man And The Muse


There was a man who lived a life so entangled with lies

That even to himself his heart and soul he did deny

From his early years his fantasising and his dreaming

Simply held him back in the world in which he was living

So he cast aside the trivia of reading, writing, painting

He saw no use for these things on this journey he was taking

To survive and thrive in this place he was forced to shelve

Those creative dreaming urges found within himself

And so suffer the monotony of patient obedience

Condemned to work a life with no meaning or relevance

To anything that his mind felt was it’s true calling

Only in the night could he escape till new day’s dawning

Until he reached a milestone when he could face no more

Because without some meaning to his life, what was it for?

To simply work and toil away each day to pay his way

Without an ounce of satisfaction at the end of every day

So after years of keeping himself closeted and hidden

This man opened up his mind to things he’d left forbidden

And the reason for this sudden change and revelation

Was a living dream in which he met a heavenly apparition

Was she just a trick of mind or was she really real?

Of that he wasn’t sure but he knew that he could feel

What was she, was she of this world or from some secret portal

She looked and felt like us but with a sense of more than mortal

Every day this beautiful creature to him would come

Opening his heart and mind and he’d willingly succumb

Her words her thoughts passed through him like electricity

Sparking life in sleeping parts of his creativity

The beauty of her voice inspired a million words in him

And her thoughts enveloped him and woke his consciousness to swim

Out in the depths of his own mind and far beyond that realm

And sail to lands he dreamed of with both their hands upon the helm

She made the music find his ears and the colours fill his eyes

And see the beauty there before him and the truths behind the lies

Helped him find the words that dwelt within his hands and tongue

And put them into verse that could be read or could be sung

Then the lady showed him how to open up his inner eye

To look inside his soul and find the thoughts that there did lie

Together creating tales that intertwined these thoughts and used

This creature’s power to reveal him for this lady was his muse

A thousand new creations and ideas came flooding out

His mind a cacophony of noise as he wanted to shout

Out loudly so to tell the world his thoughts and let them see

Who inspired him to change and be the man he ought to be

She came to him each day and night they laughed and talked and sung

Almost endless was their company a fellowship of fun

They shared their lives completely no secrets between were kept

Each living in the others thoughts by day and when they slept

Every deep emotion all that was light and dark was shared

All received with understanding, their experiences compared

No judgements made, just care and love from these companions

Great comfort gained by both from their emotional liaisons

She saw the man behind the man and brought him to fruition

For a muse will whisper in ones ear, to enlighten is her mission

But this subject changed her way of seeing mortal men before

This man had grown so much, so fast, to what she had hoped for

Then beyond her hopes he went towards where her dreams lie

And she found a man can change a muse and make her want to cry

That she had never seen before that there were things for which she yearned

It was not supposed to be like this, it’s not the way she’d learned

That her role as teacher, mentor, muse, inspirer of men’s dreams

Could have been surpassed and left her wanting more than her life means

To have changed this dying man beyond who he was born to be

And seen this man become her muse and left unable to break free

Her heart was here it felt at home, fulfilled and safe but needing

To stay and share and learn from him the passion in his thinking

So stay she did, she could not leave but she’d no right to choose

And she realised now she was in love unheard of for a muse

This love was shared she knew that too the man was mesmerised

Because the symmetry they’d found together could not be denied

They had a meeting of two minds that were forever keen and learning

And a passion and a lust for one another that was burning

But for a muse to take a man requires a sacrifice so great

To leave her immortality and damned to mortal fate

But with him she feels alive for the first time in her history

She yearns to be together and unravel this life’s mysteries

So a choice now she must make to go with head or go with heart

If heart is yes they will live happily, head’s no then they must part

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2008)


2 responses

  1. **Lost In Thought**

    I am in awe at what you have transformed into prose here…..absolutely wonderful write Colin! I don’t think any more words are necessary other than standing on my feet to applaude this and you….for reaching deep into that creative soul of yours and pulling out this beautiful scribe. Bravo!

    March 30, 2008 at 9:02 am

  2. oh! kate

    Good job, dear one.

    March 31, 2008 at 9:37 pm

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