I Ran Alongside


I Ran Alongside

First time on a bicycle

A small boy reluctantly sits

Looks at the two narrow wheels

And the handlebars he tightly grips

Staring at the road ahead

Afraid of falling, cannot balance

His safety net is almost gone

He needs a push to make him take a chance

Words to bolster confidence

Don’t look down, keep looking straight

Peddle faster, hold it steady

Lean and turn, good boy now pull the brake

Shaky stuttering first movements

Wobbling and falling many times

But soon there are fewer upsets

The fears abate and on his face see smiles

Up and down the road again

Each time riding ever more steady

Getting faster on each journey

Our confidence growing, now he looks ready

Then he rode away unaware without me

His face concentrating with eyes wide

Now solo, but for that first hour

I ran alongside

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2008)


4 responses

  1. Gartenzwerg

    As a parent it is a bittersweet moment when your child no longer needs you to give them help, and they can do things on their own.
    As a child, it’s easier to ride away, knowing that your parent’s love and support is always with you.

    You know you’ve done a good job when you both smile going your seperate ways.

    May 12, 2008 at 9:43 am

  2. joeline

    you are a great father Colin…these words are perfection…xx

    May 12, 2008 at 12:31 pm

  3. Bunny Boo

    Here is a poem I’m rather fond of – kind of sums up lots of emotions for me, at this time in my life when I look up at Sonny and see a tall, handsome, happy, hardworking, stable and loving man standing over me, and it only seems like yesterday that I used to carry him up to bed every night…he rides further and further away from me evey day and it’s very bittersweet, but there is a deep joy when he turns round to check I’m still there, even now…the trick is to run alongside him without him realising it…

    When I taught you
    at eight to ride
    a bicycle, loping along
    beside you
    as you wobbled away
    on two round wheels,
    my own mouth rounding
    in surprise when you pulled
    ahead down the curved
    path of the park,
    I kept waiting
    for the thud
    of your crash as I
    sprinted to catch up,
    while you grew
    smaller, more breakable
    with distance,
    pumping, pumping
    for your life, screaming
    with laughter,
    the hair flapping
    behind you like a
    handkerchief waving

    You’re a great Dad, and I’m a fab Mum. x

    May 12, 2008 at 11:51 pm

  4. ≈♥ღ§ummє®ღ♥ܓ

    this is so beautiful…

    …and what a loving father you are. i admire you more each day.

    June 6, 2009 at 3:10 am

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