No More Than A Leaf On A Tree

No More Than A Leaf On A Tree

I’m the broken umbrella

You found on the bus

After waiting so long in the rain

And when you reach your stop

I get you safely home

But will never be opened again

I am last season’s coat

On the back of your peg

Rooted out to replace the less old

When the new one’s too wet

To wear the next day

But you needed me as you were cold

I’m that bar of chocolate

You hid in the fridge

For emergencies when you feel down

But once sadness passes

You’re back on the diet

And walking in and out of town

I’m the waiting room reading

That distracts your mind

As the dentist prepares your injection

Making your numb mouth smile

Till your drilled, filled and gone

And completed your oral inspection

I’m your secondhand car

That drove you everywhere

When you took the first steps of career

After years and pay rises

You traded up motors

With smiles and no sign of a tear

I’m the meal that is left

In the house that you eat

To sustain you until the next day

When you visit the market

To buy lots of nice food

And treats with the money you pay

I’m the dusty white candles

You keep in a place

You can find when the power goes off

And I light up your darkness

Till the lamps flicker back

When the wax has become warm and soft

I’m the old blue chipped mug

That hides at the back

Behind the new crockery set

Used only on days

That the washing up lays

But the tea always tastes the best yet

I am all of these things

And I’m so many more

When somebody has needs they find me

But our time spent is fleeting

And value not heeded

No more than a leaf on a tree

So find someone who knows

The worth of those things

When kept close they will always be there

To fix them up good

For to use them again

And treating them with loving care

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


One response

  1. Joyce Craig

    Is it better to be someones broken umbrella than never be needed?

    I think so.

    Who wouldn’t rather have a comfy used car than a brand one souless one.

    love the sentiment in this poem…touching..someone is very lucky..probably unaware of it..but lucky.

    June 5, 2010 at 10:38 pm

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