Familiar Voices

Familiar Voices

A familiar sound came through my open window

Causing a smile to spread across my face

Instinctively I knew something was good

Is it that time of year again already?

It was the voice of an old friend

I hadn’t heard for the most part of a year

Good morning Sir how have you been?

And he repeated his unique call

Unlike his friends who used more common speech

His upward ending note set him apart

And that this misfit chose to return to my home

Makes me laugh that I have been singled out

The sound throws a switch inside me

I hear the varied chatter of his cousins and brothers

It wakens my senses to the world around me

And heightens my appreciation of being alive

Tasting the spring flower scent around me

I hear the sound of the sea in the distance

The clouds take on new forms in front of my eyes

And the warm air raises the hair on my bare arms

It is spring again and the birds have come to sing it

All my regulars returned and brought new faces

And I know that something good has happened

That the world is returning to better health

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


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