She runs back in

Slipping under the covers

Making for my cocoon of warmth

Pulling herself in close

Her arm snaking up around my back

To take my gift of heat

She whispers something

And kisses to seal the union

Lying there a moment

In quiet contentment

Waiting for her next familiar move

From a silent countdown

Her body then twists like a feline

Turning without rolling

Smooth skin moves beneath my hands

Backing into the safety of my body

And in that same single movement

Taking my arm

And wrapping herself in me

The other beneath her neck

Bends up to envelope her

Completing her shield

From the dark unknowns

When her eyes turn out the light

And she sighs

Our feet entwine

Melding our shapes into one

Threading her fingers through the back of my hand

Holding it to her breast

I know she is smiling

Eyes closed, safe and warm

Feeling her drift into sleep

Her breath becomes slow and quiet

I bury my nose in her soft hair

And fill my head with the scent

Of this most beautiful of all creations

Who is at one here in my arms

Our habitude makes me smile

And feel a great peace and happiness

Knowing that I am holding

The last woman I will ever love

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


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  1. ~♥~


    May 6, 2010 at 12:07 am

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