Old Heart

Old Heart

Old heart, brave heart

Wears it’s scars like medals

Of battles lost and battles won

A calendar of carved reminders

Monument to the follies

That make an old heart wiser

Old heart, happy heart

Recorded all the greatest days

Stored safely there forever

And replaying ever over

To help an old heart see

What can be and be again

Old heart, young heart

Still craves the impetuous flame

When infatuations took it

On those journeys into madness

Where the all consuming passion

Of a youthful soul prevailed

Old heart, fearful heart

Remembers only endings

The cataclysmic life lessons

Of the unschooled heart

Turned bitter cold by a terror

To never risk that fate

Old heart, mindful heart

Keeping things in check

Letting time unravel with intent

Wades out slowly in the waves

Never deep enough to drown

Swimming with one foot on the sand

Old heart, pensive heart

Yearns to feel that first kiss

And turmoil reigns among it’s elements

Wanting yet afraid to taste those lips

Knowing it will be laid bare

To the mercy of the future’s fancy

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


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