Demon of the Darkness

Demon of the Darkness

Who is this harbinger of doubt that conceals himself

In the darkest dwindling corners of a soul?

What name are you devil?

You have no business here

Be gone!

Back to your shade while it still remains

Where you mask your vile presence

Dare not tempt me

Your time is done

No longer can you roam the halls of this mind

Your power has faded

More and more the light forbids your passage


You are my prisoner now

Not I yours

I see you

You are not devil, but fear only

Not fear who once was a friend

Who’s caution was a blessing

But fear corrupted by you

O loathsome creature

Twisting truth like your gnarled face

Foul whispering words of deceit

They no longer deafen me

You voice is weak and broken

How does it feel demon?

To have fallen from your throne

And now to hide in shadows

In your ever shrinking kingdom

Know this

As you muster your remaining strength

For your final desperate onslaught

To darken the light that ensnares you

I know you are coming

And I am ready for you

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


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