The Misfit’s Reward


The Misfit’s Reward

Decades came and decades went

But not one rest from this torment

While others rolled down hill I climbed

Forever searching for my kind

From black sheep boy to misfit man

I always tried to understand

Why nothing in the world seemed right

And every step I faced a fight

Sidelined by those of my peers

And by myself sometimes with tears

Why was I different to the herd

Despising of their pointless words

So into exile self imposed

To walk along a different road

And find the purpose for my life

A reason to endure the strife

Had many tilts at happiness

But always ended in a mess

They weren’t to be my destiny

How long more? Show it to me!

‘cause heartbreak added to my fight

Just weighed me down and dims the light

I need to shine upon the beast

Who on my soul without would feast

Emerging goals I then could see

My callings found me finally

Converging at the new road’s end

Like minded men I can call friend

The weight of self doubt lifts away

Now welcome every single day

I sit upon my own gold throne

Proud to be one man alone

Now at my destination late

Devoid of anger, stress or hate

Love finds me ready to receive

Reward a heart that years did grieve

But o sweet divine universe

This joke you play is too perverse

Have I not faced every endeavour

Must you make me fight forever?

Life fills with synchronicity

Your angel sent down to find me

Is perfect but can I just say

Must she be half a world away?

And anchored to her shore like me

Yet you do call this destiny

Your challenge is a ruthless one

But I accept till she is won


©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)



One response

  1. Joyce Craig

    I just found this poem so moving due to its significance to me personally..whoever you are that wrote this..I felt like you have read my life..I am part way thru the path of your poem at ’emerging goals I then could see My callings found me finally’ and looking forward to

    Love finds me ready to receive

    Reward a heart that years did grieve

    so inspiring…thank you whoever you are..

    June 1, 2010 at 5:59 pm

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