Promises promises

They are powerful things

With just one promise a life can be changed

Whether it be fulfilled or broken

A different future can hinge either way

A promise can be so strong

It can hold a marriage for a lifetime

But they are seldom valued now

To the shame of many who make them

A child trusts it’s life to a parent

Until it is let down for the last time

When the trust and respect drains away

Through their broken safety net

A good friend will forgive mistakes

If they are few and well reasoned

But even blood will tire of failure

To live up to the words we speak

How easy it is to promise love

To a soul who is laid open

Where the greatest pain can be felt

From the simplest act of omission

Promise not what you cannot give

Stay honest to yourself

Others cannot judge you harshly

If you give them not false hopes

In life your only bond is your word

Take care with these dangerous intentions

For even the smallest promise

Can make or break a fragile heart

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


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