Spider’s Resolve

Spider’s Resolve


Cooling the sun-drenched day with a long draught

Relaxed watching insects busy amongst the flowers

When from nowhere appeared a small spider upon the glass

Dropping to the table it stopped in a play dead pose

It stopped and stared down a man

Turned and scuttled away in an intoxicated swagger

Like a drunk using the whole width of the pavement

And sometimes the road

In a slow circling stop start stagger home

With only six legs to carry it

And just one of measure on it’s right side

This survivor makes light of it’s disability

The one large arced leg holds up it’s body

Curving with the excess weight

What’s your story brave Sir Spider?

Have you been wounded in a battle to the death

Carrying your scars of victory

Or are you retreating to fight another day?

Perhaps a dramatic escape from the jaws of a dragon bird?

And yet through all you do not give up

You have lost limbs but not spirit

You who faces giants and stares back at us

We who have full bodies but half your will

And still so many among us give up and complain

When faced with only absurd adversity

Oh poor me we can be heard

As you plan how to live the rest of this day

And marvel at the folly of our helplessness

We of near limitless potential

Self defeating by so little as an emotion

Let alone your dismembered feeling

Making mighty man the weakest of all animals

Imagine if this now six legged arachnid were of our world and our ilk

Would it now be recoiling when it’s enemies slur it “insect”?

Onward brave spider live long

You are still a dangerous foe

Your world has no time for weakness

It carries none that do not help themselves

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


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