Red Kite

Red Kite

A red kite soars high above the trees

Rising from the leafy tops with barely a wingbeat

Toward the white clouds in the warm blue sky

The tell-tale forked tail makes a hundred tiny moves a minute

To balance and steer through the air currents

As it finds with ease the invisible waves to surf the sky

With all the grace of a bird of prey

In tow a fledgeling

Still in the first erratic stages of flight

The master’s shrill echoing cry calling the student to task

We all stop and stare at the pure beauty of it’s movements

As it circles our place at a safe distance

Performing it’s arial ballet

Then nature’s synchronicity strikes again

I am left alone outside for just a few moments

And it’s silhouette appears above for the first time

Down it glides and hovers in front of me

“Why only now and not in company?”

“Why do you fear them but not me?”

I ask these questions with just a look

The kite answered in the same knowing manner

And stayed a little longer

I felt the message pass between us

‘I see you, we are the same’

“I chose you because you understand it all’

Then as fast as it arrived and with a final blink

It took flight back to it’s young before my company returned

There was no fear

Just peace, recognition and forgiving

This lord of the skies spoke to me

In a way we have forgotten

A way that only a journey into your soul can find

This was a gift to remind me to stay the course

In a time where my doubts had taken over

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


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