Racing up the stairs

Trying to keep up

Two at a time laughing

Hot on your heals

You’re so hard to catch

As you really want to win

Then half way to the top

You suddenly turn

And I just about pass you

Looking back for you

A serious face, no smile

Just a hard pull on my arm

As you throw me down the stairs

Expressionless and quiet

You watch me fall over and over

One step after another

Into a heap near the bottom

Then you smile down

And tell me to hurry up

But I’m black and blue

And everything hurts

Shouldn’t you be up here?

You ask unperturbed

I’m too winded to move

Perhaps I’ll just stay down here

Afraid of what might happen

When I catch you up again

If you throw me from higher up

I’m going break something badly

I can’t climb fast now anyway

Unless your going to help me

Can I trust that helping hand

That is pulling me back?

I wish I could be sure

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


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