My Balance

My Balance

This world I chose

Or did it choose me?

Is a dangerous one to enter

For the mind and soul are tested to their limits

If only to stay in balance with life

Dark are the clouds that roll over the horizon

I see the black smoke in the distance

Not turning away I must head towards it

Sometimes too single minded and blinkered

Only seeing ahead

My fixed stare reflects the black heart of the beast

Eyes piercing the darkness

A face of stone

And my heart likewise stills

To face the beast I become like it

As determined to destroy it as it is to destroy us

It feels lonely in the darkness

This quest can cloak me from my light

The brightness still surrounds me

But alone sometimes I cannot feel it

Yet I know I can fight in the light

She is love, she is my balance

Anchoring me back in life

And she opens my eyes wider

To see all around me

Showing me what I am fighting for

And what will be there when this battle is over

With her by my side I face this dark beast with a smile

From inside our world of light

We assail the creature’s deceitful plans

Then retreat to our fortress

Where life and light are untouched by its clawed hand

Keeping me from spiraling into the fire

Where dwells this evil

You are my armour, my light

And show me the way to defeat this beast and live

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


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