Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

If your face was a vision of sculpted perfection

Without freckles or lines nor those cute little dimples

My head wouldn’t turn seeing you in a crowd

My eyes not transfixed on your every expression

If your voice was the purest of notes on the ear

With eloquent words always calming and smooth

My ears wouldn’t notice the sound of you speaking

They are tuned to your quirky and spirited song

If your body stood carved in a statuesque form

A stereotype image of a faultless physique

My hands would not reach for that mannequin shape

But long for the unique warmth of your embrace

If you stood strong in the face of life’s problems

The world never challenged you till help you craved

I would not be there to share the burden you carry

If my arms weren’t needed to comfort and care for you

If your temperament always remained in control

Never showing your passion or true complex feelings

How could I connect with those parts of your soul

Forming deepening bonds that will last us a lifetime

If your smile were a permanent feature of you

Never angry or sad, never troubled or lonely

I wouldn’t be able to cheer up your mood

And bring you the rainbows on your rainy days

If you never need more than a simple hello

Or a smile or a quick call to sate your hearts needs

I’d overwhelm you with my desire to express

How I love to be with you each minute we share

If you never had times when you doubted our future

And inside your heart never heavy with questions

I would not be ready to reassure your feelings

And fix those small cracks in your delicate heart

If you were book perfect in every respect

I would not be happy and less would I love you

Yet with all these imperfections that you do possess

You’re my most perfect woman I shall ever know

For I am imperfect I humbly admit it

And I quite often fail with the best of intentions

But if my perfect girl will love me as I am

We shall perfectly fit in our imperfect world

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


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