Arise My Flame


Arise My Flame

Arise my flame


And one last time shout out my name

So I can know you’re here

To put the fire back in my chest and incinerate the fear

Do not desert me now

Stop me from spiraling down and show me how

It’s just one more attack

Don’t look back

At the precipice on which I stand

Don’t point the hand

Unto the rocks on which I’ll land

Should the might

Of all I fight

Overwhelm me in defeat this night

Burn inside my mind

Once more and help me find

The courage not to drop down to my knees

And take the path of ease

Say please, please

I was wrong to challenge authority

And beg for them to accept me

Back into the fold

Until I’m old

And cold

In my heart that before this night

Beat hard for all that is right

Your flame that blazed a light so bright

Showing me

The lies upon the lies upon reality

Everything I could see

With clarity

So help me now for if I’m right how can it be

That here I stand and face the beast

That bares to me it’s teeth

And with a merciless hunger comes to feast

I’m standing still, but left with no retreat

But to kiss the feet

Don’t let me bow

For the moment of truth is now

And if I fail and darkness takes me down allow

Me to carry your warmth as I fall

To sustain me through the cold and all

The hardships that may befall

When everything I once possessed is lost

Except my principles which are too high a cost

To give away to live in comfort and lies

Don’t give them up no matter how hard they try

They are all a man takes with him when he dies


©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2010)


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