Let The Real You Sing


Let The Real You Sing

Don’t listen to that inner voice
The one that sounds familiar
Like you, but an impostor
That feeds on pain and failure
A demon born of trauma
Existing only to deceive
Assuring it’s intentions
Are only to protect you
It mimics you for comfort
Using counterfeit thoughts
Saying no, saving you
Always saving you
From yourself and a dangerous world
Years of whispers
That no-one else hears
Masquerading as logic
To synthesise fear
“You’re different” it says
“Their normal’s not yours”
“You can’t” it lies
“They took something from you
You’ll never be complete
Don’t try, it will hurt you
Hide here, you’re safe with me”

Now the real you is woken
And a small voice spoken
When your soul was touched
By a kindness unknown
It reached in to find you
And pointed the way
Confusing and muting
The thief of your being
So the small voice grew louder
And finally dared to say
“I can see it, I want it
I can have it all
The life I thought stolen
Was there all this time
Now hold my hand tightly
And guide me each step
Then nothing can stop me
From living again”
But the mimic still tries
Though defeats it now knows
Still shouting you down
All your new found desires
But trusting your inspiration
Your voice begins to sing

Fear of life waning
Experienced in love
All you had wanted and more
Now with strong voice
Let go of that hand
Determined, reliving lost time
With a thousand new ideas
Once hidden by dark noise
Still beware, it is there
Waiting for weakness
With the first signs of doubt
It’s poison seeps in
But you know how that tastes now
You’re wise to it’s bitterness
Just sing from your heart
When the fraud whispers lies
Because you are good enough
You’ll be loved your whole life
Then remember the moment
When the little voice first said
“I want it all”
The demon knew then it was dying
Though desperately still it tries
While fading into distant memory

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2013)


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