Art Perfected

Bernini Sculpture Pluto and Proserpina (1621-22)

Art Perfected

I watch her from the doorway of her studio
As she shapes her latest labour of love
A sculpted figure from her imagination
It’s elegance begins to reveal itself from the unfinished block
Smooth lines stopping half way down
Contrasting the natural beauty of the rough wood
I love how she is so absorbed
That she doesn’t notice my presence
Her wide eyed intensity excites me
It’s not so much that I love her art
More that I adore how she becomes when she creates it
Biting her lip while she carves another wafer thin piece away
I watch her slender arms move
Each stroke causing the muscles beneath her flawless skin
To flex and twitch new shapes and shadows
My eyes roam to the arch of her back as she leans in
And her hair begins to cascade over her shoulder
I stare in wonder at these things
She stops and raises her arms
Gathering her hair high behind her head
I marvel at her neck, how it sweeps down to her shoulders
Taut across her back as she ties her hair
Like carved stone yet living
The glow of perspiration on her skin catching the light
I want to taste it again
To come up behind her unnoticed
And catch her attention with a kiss on her spine
But this time I just watch
For what is more perfect art than this?
Her sculpture so inspiring stimulates the senses underhand
With perfect lines and textures
But to me true art is alive and ever changing
Like the images that appear to dance in fire
Is it colour, form, sound, movement, or is it story?
It is all of those at once and so much more
She is art perfected
Watching how her body moves as she works
And the emotion in her face
The flow of her hair as she turns her head
Or the heartbeat I miss as her eyes turn toward me
And the sparkle in her face lit by a smile
There is more art in the curve of her hip
As my hand moves from her waist to her thigh
How it feels when she wraps her warm soft body around me
The little sounds of pleasure as she exhales
And the glorious intensity of her mouth
With tastes and aromas that infuse the mind
This art interacts
Every moment a new experience
She who is more perfect than any masterpiece
My daydream is interrupted as she hums a tune
Swinging to her own rhythm while she smooths down her wooden figure
I listen but not for long
My restraint is overcome
Silently moving up behind and enveloping her with my arms
And finally kissing that neck I longed for

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2014)


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