Risking the Soul


Risking the Soul

His shame suppressed
Replaced by a glorious feeling of power
An ancient dark emotion
Revels in the act of domination
And he stays firm
Those darting eyes stare up at him
Flashing black with terror
He sees straight into a soul
Her petrified figure beneath him
Forcing her to enjoy this
And he keeps telling himself she wanted it
Gripping his forearms afraid to move
Afraid to make a sound
His shame rises and falls again
Pushing empathy aside he stays firm
She asked for this
But still he fears he cannot do it
Raised to care, but not like this
Not for this
Recoiling in tears wont help
Accept the demon if he really cares
Let it in but don’t let it take him
Test him against primordial forces
Control it then return it to the shadows
When she needs him back
How many times did his conscience fail her
Unable to hold straight when she needed him
Unwilling to accept he had to become them
To enter the minds of the monsters who put her here
Learn from them what it takes to hurt
And be those creatures for an essential moment
Forced to be like them to repair the damage they did
Fearing it could take hold of him
Only true love can carry him through
Ashamed that he must take pleasure to stir up this terror
She needs him to be stronger than them
To look inside the minds of men possessed
See what they saw
Feel what they felt
And now he knows demons exist in us all
Dangerous beasts buried by conscience
Wondering was he unwise to rouse them from sleep
Imperil his mind to unconscionable creatures
Willingly, never considering the danger
That now he may have to fight them forever
But for a greater need than his own
Has he risked his very soul for love?

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2014)


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