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Better Off Dead ?


Better Off Dead ?

Their years of love and happiness
No arguments, no hurt, no stress
That last night when she reached the top
Where pleasure comes and doesn’t stop
And leaving in a blissful state
Next day for work she can’t be late
But meeting later with her man
Kisses goodbye lets go his hand
A brand new place picked for their date
Planned for some time they cannot wait
But just before his time to leave
There came a call to make him grieve
A solemn voice to tell bad news
His wife is gone, he’s left confused
For he could still taste her sweet lips
And smell desire her loving hips
Her smiling eyes, caressing hands
Her promise to fulfil their plans
Her words still echo in his ears
Their happy past, their future years
This isn’t true, he can’t believe
A ruse, a trick made to decieve
He calls in panic, calls again
No answer time and time and then
Her voice, her soft familliar sound
Excitement rises spins around
Then dies again a message tone
He speaks his love unto her phone
But no replies, no answers came
No final words, no one to blame
What kind of world takes kindred souls
Tears them apart, opposite poles
And shattering a perfect dream
His heart pours out an unheared scream
As overcome by helplessness
To change her fate, to end distress
The madenning confusion twists
His heart and mind, the bloody wrists
The crushing pain around his voice
Escaping hurt is a false choice
No end for questions why love’s gone
You carry them when you pass on
The bitter knife still held within
A scar grows where his heart had been
A deathly silence fills his life
The emptiness left by his wife
She stolen by a hidden hand
Her feet will never walk this land
How could such cruelty come to her
And take away her kind nature
Best friends for life shared joy and pain
To speak no more drives him insane
And passing time gives not relief
From hatred for his futures thief
A man tormented to despair
Unanswered questions everywhere
Reminders of their life deprived
As if she’d never been alive
For he can never reconcile
Why his best friend stopped sending smiles
Abruptly conversation ends
A vast and empty void descends
The hardest wrench he’ll ever feel
To lose someone who’s love was real
All contact gone yet she’s aware
He’s the best friend she’ll ever share
How can you suddenly abstain
From one who took away your pain
Made you feel always safe and loved
And fit you like a hand in glove
He’ll never understand his fate
And wont recover from this state
All logic in this story lost
He’s left alone to count the cost
And ask would it be easier
To bear this pain he feels for her
If she had really died that day
And not just simply walked away

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2014)