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Pretty Lies


Pretty Lies (song)

I believed you when
When you said those words
All the laughs we shared
And all the memories that we made

All our days were
Filled with laughter
Silly games we played
That no-one else could understand

I believed in you
And I loved you

Always hand in hand
In eachother’s arms
Loving doing nothing
On a cold and rainy day

Little notes you left
Smiling faces
Hugs and kisses, hearts
And promises of our forever

I believed them all
So I loved you

But all these things were only
Pretty lies
Different characters of
Your disguise
Painting sunshine over
Darkened skies

To hide your true intentions
Your transient deception

I can’t understand
You could live that way
All the passion, love
The intimacy meaning nothing

I didn’t see the the signs
‘Cos I loved you

Guess I was listening to your
Pretty lies
Different characters of
Your disguise
In this real life play you

To make me sing to your song
Till its time for you to move on

©Copyrighted by Colin Ryan (2014)